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How can you Oomna help you communicate?

-- Oomna stories can be a ready narrative for you to help children understand and overcome gender stereotypes, bias, discrimination, violence and abuse

-- We can bring Oomna alive using other conventional and non-conventional methods like workshops,

theatre, puppetry, game contests, whatsap clips, videos and comic strips among others

-- We can work around campaigns for you using the central ideas of Oomna


For trainers

For corporates

How can you Oomna help you communicate?

-- We can work with the central themes of your programmes by interlacing the stories and messages of Oomna


--We can bring to you a real to life Oomna (child actor) who can bring alive your vision and outreach programmes by customising your need. In this way your development and CSR programmes will reach the target audience in a more relatable, functional and effective manner

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