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Oomna is a city tween girl growing into her teens.

She is bright-eyed and sharp-nosed with a thick, lustrous, plait swinging high.

Through her stories, we accompany her from age eight to fourteen. The route is fun, sometimes bumpy.

Her primary school years are caught up in daily routines and winsome discoveries, as much as forming deep friendships, gaining popularity and indulging in small tweenial craziness.

The narrative of her middle and high school years is of her becoming aware of who she is as she steps into her teenage years.

She starts to deal with her learning abilities, attitudes, aptitude, impulses, strong emotions, hurts and the odds stacked against girls.

She forms her own social universe, grows into her person, figures out who is she and leads.

She is brilliant on days. On others, her insecurity, fear, anger, failure and folly trip her.

But her enamel-bright eyes never lose sight of joy for long. She dares to find it.

Who is Oomna

Who is Oomna?

Read fictionalised narratives of Oomna’s adventures from 2005-2017.

Oomna may be imaginary but she is as real as a real girl gets.

With the soul of a storyteller, one who owns her storyline.

She wants her story to matter.

Could she be you?

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