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More about Oomna

Her parents, her brother Pratik, her best friend Sia, her dog Masti, her classmates and her teachers help Oomna discover herself. 

Even as each of these wise adults and angsty tween and teenagers grow up with her and find themselves.

The world around her, her home, her school, her neighbourhood and her society, shape her views as much as her life.


It sets her free to grow, resist the social tide and search for who she is.

She is free to flounder, without restrictions.


When the world blocks her and makes her drop her dreams, Oomna stands up for herself.

Many children don't have this freedom. 


Oomna wonders why.

What is Oomna’s world like?

Why read about Oomna’s pursuits?

Why experience Oomna’s physical and emotional adventures and misadventures?

  • Reading of her deep friendships is fun

Oomna seeks and finds; learns and unlearns; and challenges and accepts.

She struggles with girl-boy differences, takes on physical activities, develops social skills and lives an online life.

Her stories tell us how she grows into her own and finds her voice. Step by little step. 

And how you can too!

  • Each of her stories take us to the beginnings of her tomorrows  

And yours!

This will mean that you can live through your tweens, teens and adulthood with your choices and with animation. You can, like her, wish away a weary sense of self. And belly laugh with abandon.

  • Her tales can be the golden thread that lifts you. You can draw inspiration from her


And then another girl can do that. And one more after her. 

It is possible a million Oomna’s will soon be ready to face their face their lives. On their terms.

Where in the world is Oomna?

Oomna lives in India. But the stories of Oomna can be those of a girl anywhere in the world.

Her experiences do not differ from girls in other countries where social attitudes and practices tutor girls to fall in line with others’ thinking and retreat within boundaries.

If they don’t go along, the disapproval expands into violence within homes and society.

Oomna breaks away from such borders.

She wills and creates her own way.

Unfairness and inequality are not okay.


It is important we hear her stories.


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