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I hoped to rock climb. I told no one of this.       

When I did at twelve, my friends tut-tutted.

“You can’t do this.” I heard them say every day.  

I decided not to pay heed. It was a suppressed but not forgotten dream.

I talked myself into this thrilling sport and ventured.

The going was hard. The jagged rocks were scalding hot. 

I swung like a pendulum. I suffered sharp jerks. I sweated. I slid. I scrapped my knees. I bruised my ankles. 

My hands were sore. My ears pounded. My face went lobster-red and splotchy. My determination wobbled.

It was tempting to give up and read fiction in my air conditioned room.

But … I wanted to prove that I could scale heights and fight my fears.

So I decided not run away from myself. I stuck it out as a cobweb braves gusty winds.

Fear threatened me but I pushed at its edges. It worked.

I believed I could. So I did.

Now I view the world beneath my feet. It is exhilarating.

I am blown away by the awesome sights.

OMG I rock!!!

I believe the biggest risk you take in life is not taking one.

Does a buzzing little voice bother you inside your head? Nudge your longings?

Are you scared to follow it? Claim your special destiny, childhood on, as your own?

Don’t be. New ideas open new doors. See my point?


   Oomna at 12


     Oomna at 8

The world in my palm

Crossing fear and faith together

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My mother needed to rest after a hard day. 

“Tell me a story,” I insisted.

My mother thought for a minute. She tore the back page of a magazine into small pieces.

It contained a full-page picture of the world.                                                                                                    “Put the picture together and then I will read you a story,” she said

This will buy me time to rest, she thought.

To her surprise, the world picture came together at once.

 “How did you do it?” she asked.

“Simple,” I said. 

"I found a picture of a girl on the reverse page.  When I got the girl together the whole world merged.”

Shouldn’t I begin to put myself and my world together?

Should I not follow my breath and my dreams? Catch its heartbeats?

Be the flame burning through the shadows?

After all my truest world will be one I dream up and create. 

story 6 a

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